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JUUL claims

JUUL E-Cigarettes Face Multiple Lawsuits

Though e-cigarettes like JUUL are marketed as providing a healthier alternative for smokers, the company is the subject of multiple lawsuits charging it with negligence, fraud and other violations that have led to injuries and nicotine addiction suffered by teen users.

These solutions come in flavors like "Mango" and "Fruit Medley" that are appealing to children. They have been proven to be more addictive than cigarettes and potentially more dangerous.

JUUL claims

E-Cigarette Use By Teens Called an "Epidemic"

Though JUUL’s makers advertise it as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, internal company documents reveal that the company deliberately investigated the best way to market to kids. The solution’s design creates and sustains nicotine addiction and uses a special chemical to increase nicotine absorption. Teens mistakenly believe that “juuling” is safe, and find its small size and ease of concealment an appealing form of rebellion.


JUUL Called More Addictive Than Cigarettes

Though the Juul eliminates some of the hazards of traditional cigarette smoking, it replaces them with a highly addictive nicotine delivery method that scientists believe will make them three times more likely to smoke regular cigarettes in the future.


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